Wednesday, October 27, 2010

splinter "scathed" "7

one of a couple "7s released by this early-mid 90s band from the cleveland/kent area of ohio.........they say "ass ripping metal", i say its chunky dirty hardcore with a prominent metallic edge. whatever works for the listener though. they also released an lp called "10 love songs" (which i have)in 1993 and im pretty sure another lp called "the end of belief" on rubber city records in 1996. anyways this is alot meaner and more spiteful than most of the shit that was comming out in the early 90s. i can see why they played rorschach's last show..........but its more of a prelude to bands like abnegation or day of suffering who came at the sound with the same approach ( but pushed it way further into metal territory) a few years later and made it popular...i guess id consider a band like mayday as their brothers in sound too.......anyways enjoy!


  1. Dude, I must have some weird intuition, I searched all over for this for the last 3 weeks, even found a post from you about it on stuckinthepast, thank you.

  2. 'The End Of The Belief' is a 7" of theirs, not an LP. They also released a self-titled 7" before these 7"s on Smorgasbord Records, which is a bit more straight-forward & hardcore than subsequent releases. Either way, all 3 7"s are damn good. I've actually been looking for a copy of the LP for a while, any chance you could rip it?