Wednesday, September 1, 2010

black kites/zann/cloudrat/positive noise/great reversal/brothers show, 8/31/10, DAAC, grand rapids, michigan

black kites.



i have zann's full set on video, as well as cloudrat's and most of black kites set. i accidentally deleted the positive noise/great reversal sets when i was trying to make room to record zann's set. hopefully i can get that shit uploaded soon.

PS: john from zann is the nicest dude youd ever wanna meet. black kites dudes are amazingly awesome in person as well. actually every fucking band had important shit to say and were just all around awesome.

i always get amped and mentally/spiritually recharged when i see a show as good as this was....everyone having a great time and no one was an was a really nice break from the usual......bringin me back to all the shows i attended in the late 90s/early 2000s. 

much love to all who attended and those who set it up (jeremy) hopefully ill be back to support you all again  soon!

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