Friday, August 6, 2010

rachel "last songs"

6 days into august and im finally back with a new entry. yea, i know, ive been slackin lately.
anyways this was another one of those rough, rather badly recorded "french emo" bands that overcome their studio shortcommings with a shitload of energy and emotion. i think these guys were active towards the tail end of the french emo movement in the late 90s after the big boys like fingerprint, jasmine and ivich had all called it a day. this was recorded in 1997-98 or therabouts and didnt come out until 2000 or so when stonehenge put it out in europe and ricecontrol (run by virginia scene afficianado/sometime HaC contributer forbes graham) records put it out in the states. as the title of the album states, these where the last songs the band recorded before they broke up. this is good stuff.

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