Monday, June 28, 2010

The J. J. Paradise Players Club - Stash Panties

2010-01-31 - Inade - L'Archipel - Paris #6/6

IRM "oedipus dethroned" (2000)

im posting this because this was the "band" (maybe "unit" or "outfit" would be better terms when discussing noise/ambient/power electronics)along with the grey wolves and institut that turned me onto the whole power electronics thing  10 years or so ago. to this day id have to say that this is my favorite record from that genere of music....just creepy, terrifying and amazing, things i cant say about stuff like merzbow or much of the rest of the japanese groups who do this (though i havent heard the whole merzbow collection so maybe i should withhold judgement on that, but still, his stuff dosent affect me like IRM does.) kind of thing. anyways IRM consist o two individuals, martin bladh and erik jarl (who does some really good dark ambient stuff on his own) and hail from norkoping sweden, they know how to construct harsh abrasive soundscapes without it feeling like someone shoved a power drill up your ear canal (though i guess thats the point for alot of noise "outfits") they are experts at layering sounds over eachother and creating something that is brutal and sometimes repetitive but almost always enjoyable.....that they use (harsh) vocals and actual lyrics is another plus in their corner as it adds more direction to the music........if i had to recommend one album from this genere, this would be the one. they hve alot of material out and id recommend checking out all of it.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

pinehurst kids "7

portland's  pinehurst kids are/were one of those fun sunnyday indie rock bands that youd love to listen to in your car with the windows down, sun shining, blue skies, pedal to the metal 75 mph down 1-75 (or maybe the pacific coast highway for all you cali/west coast readers). just catchy memorable stuff.........this "7 hits me right in that sweetspot......"dumb enough" is an absolute masterpiece of that kind of rock, but with just the right pinch of  a wistful melodramatic feel that just intensifies my love for this tune all that much of the treepeople/halo benders/acrobat down will dig the shit out of this...(their a bit more bouncy and "kool-aid" than those bands but close enough) their lps are all good to and expect to see more fro mthis band pop up on here in the near future......

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

small brown bike "dead reckoning"

im sure this has been posted on other blogs but since this band meant alot to me over the past 12-13 years and im still rocking their shit without letup after all this time its more than worthy to post here. small brown bike is one of those few bands who have no affectations whatsoever. just  4 dudes from michigan who love playing together and hit you with straightfoward gruff, rough punk/hardcore. their lyrics are honest and to the point without any arty affected bullshit, theyve always said what they meant, never making the listener beat around the bush. its emotion distilled to its purest, rough edged form. i saw these guys more than any other band, at least a dozen times in their heydey between 1998 - 2003 and everytime they brought the energy and drive, im not sure if there is such a thing as a bad SBB show. all their records where quality shit, even "the river bed" which was hands down their weakest effort, had gems like "a declaration of sorts" and "a lesson to remember"on it. after a spate of reunion shows in 2007 (of which i caught one, in kalamazoo) they apparently reformed as an active full time band and i think have released something on no idea recently if im correct.......anyways "dead reckoning" was their strongest effort, barely edging out "our own wars" and the early shit on the first collection cd for the honor......they put it all together on this album.............just an absolute pinnacle of gruff punk..........much moreso than anything hot water music has ever done.......ill be keeping an eye out for local shows in the future.....seeing them in '07 was kinda like visiting a freind you havent seen in years but when you finally do all the memories of the good times come flooding back and its like they never went away in the first place.......

"I sit above the rooms of our home.

Expose myself to a loss that I've known.

No clouds exist in this blue sky.

I use my sense for the first time.

My hands hold on to the horizon.

Can't catch my breath, so I stop trying.

This small part of me counts down mathematically.

It will bury me with you.

I am here for just a short time.

You've been gone for this stretch of my life.

Please live through me.

Now this tragedy becomes reality to our family.

I am here for just a short time.

You've been gone for this stretch of my life.

This small part of me counts down mathematically.

It will bury me with you."


Monday, June 21, 2010

doppler tour to defy 2008



paul newman "machine is not broken"

the third full length from this austin/chicago/nyc band....recorded in 2000. a masterpiece of near instrumental rock.....flawless, magnificent, awesome, too many adjectives to cram in before it gets tedious. similar to tristeza but i would have to say this album is superior to anything that band has done. im not sure why, but this album got some bad reviews when it came out, i guess maybe because the late 90s-early 2000's were crammed full of bands playing this kind of sleepy, mathy instrumental stuff and paul newman kinda got lost in the shuffle. now hardly anyone is playing this kind of stuff and maybe thats why it hits me even harder. i slept on this record for years and have only recently discovered the level of  awesome contained within these tracks. hopefully you will too.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

iscariote: genese et agonie, 2000-2004

this is a collection of  "7's, splits and miscellanious stuff from the swiss/french band, iscariote. it includes songs from their first 7, split cd with envy and a couple other tracks that im assuming were from comps....anyways all this stuff was recorded between 2000 and 2004 and is a bit rawer and dirtier than their full length...loud, fucked up and intense.......theyve been compared to botch which i guess isnt too far off the say these guys where a bit more unforgiving than that band but whatever.......france seems to have turned into a wellspring for the twisted brutal stuff beginning at the end of the 90s and stretching through the decade and iscariote was a prime example of  that.

Sunday, June 13, 2010


so year i went a little videocrazy late last night. i would have put all of these in one post but for some reason i couldnt figure out how to do that (blame it on the drowsiness i guess) anyways enjoy! ive been wanting to post some videos for a while now....probably will again at some point....

Friday, June 11, 2010

kevorkian "who is who?" "7 (1999)

more czech goodness from the late 90s...........kevorkian are/were a break from what im used to hearing czech bands sound huge epic tunes like lvmen/thema eleven/gnu here, just very harsh, frantic metallic hardcore with more than a touch of death n roll.........this "7 in itself is a departure in sound for kevorkian, whos first "7 was much more in line with all the "emo" stuff that was happening in the mid 90s......this is probably my favorite release from this band...their cd that came later was way too metal in a bad way and their earlier stuff, while very good, lacked the frantic crazy energy this record has....anyways have a listen to an era when the czech republic had a pretty amazing scene and bands that put out pretty amazing records.....

Thursday, June 10, 2010

gaza "i dont care where i go when i die"

so im sure youve probably seen this record on multiple other blogs or have heard this record by now......well im posting it again! of all the bands in the "new breed" of metal hardcore to have formed in the last 7-8 years gaza (IMO) is by far the best.......just fucking ragged, ugly, vicious, unique noise that tears your head to bits everytime you listen to it. these guys and crowpath basically owned the chaotic earfucking metal hardcore category for the past half decade (in crowpath's case, longer) salt lake city's current best band. fucking vicious live....just huge sounds that envelop you while jon parkin paces back and forth, basically tearing his own lungs out........this was their first lp, came out in 2006.......they have a new one called "hes never comming back' which is more controlled and less messy and all over the place but still  maintains an ear shredding intensity.........anyways i give to you the monster:

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

dagobah s/t cd (1995)

hailing from cape cod, dagobah where one of the first generation of bands, along with breadwinner, cole, hurl and don caballero to play that complex and thunderously loud form of rock that had its heyday in the mid-late 90s "instrumetal" some people called it....anyways these guys dont really stand out from the pack, but they sound closer to cole on the noise spectrum than don cab which, at this point in my life, is a good thing, as ive not cared much for that band in years.............anyways this was their first and to my knowledge, only full length...they had an ep after this, but that record was a mere shadow of this one in terms of  song quality....oh and the song "55378008(life)" reminds me a hell of alot of craw...same riffage, same kind of weird lyrical content, oly they seem to be more obsessed with sailboats than paranormal shit..........

Saturday, June 5, 2010

jetpak cd

jetpak were a band from rhode island that existed in the mid-late 90s (1995-98 or thereabouts) and played wiry, lean, noisy rock in the jehu/tanner vein, but with a shot of shellac on the side and just a pinch of the DC sound (think circus lupus or better yet, trans megetti, who themselves owed alot to jehu) anyways founder keith souza now runs  recording studio called machines with magnets and has recorded such acts as chinese stars, beltaine, daughters, ect and i believe he also ran sampson recordings, who put out most of jetpak's stuff. this is yet another of the seemingly endless parade of bands of the past 20 years who played really good music but never got noticed..........with that said, for your listening pleasure:

jetpak cd

Friday, June 4, 2010

pankration "of monkey, of man, of wizard." cd (2000)

the loudest band on donut freinds.  harsh, labyrinthine hardcore with alot of guitar fuckery from kent/cleveland ohio........underneath all the metal they share the same musical DNA  with bands like harriet the spy, UOA and party of helicopters...."series finale" which was also on their first "7 and "tricks with mirrors" are the highlight tracks here..........really excellent and underappriceated record.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

doppler "star sexual fantasy" EP

lyon, france's heavyweights second outing. recorded in 2001. not much i can say about this band that i havnt already said before reviewing their other two masterpeices....noisy, intricate, messy, frantic, amazing......just listen to it! (theyv'e sadly broken up recently......and before they could tour the US which is a fucking shame....had a feeling they would have blown alot of people away......)

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

serpico "heroes of the bomb scare" "7

heres a band from staten island NY that existed from 1991-1998, they played poppy, sincere hardcore/punk with a rough edge that separated them from the billions of bands doing this kind of thing throughout the 90s. this was one of their early 7's and i believe it came out in 1993 or of the best bands to ever do this kind of hardcore............